Trucker Man and Rose (Chapter 5)

I am writing this as my dad and I are heading west on I-80 – back through Wyoming again. It’s been a very long day on the road. I’ve been feeling a little sad. About 100 miles back at a truck stop I had an opportunity to interview somebody for a Feelings Aloud video but I blew it because I’m so exhausted. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night. Just one of those things. It has also been very, very cold. We are fortunate to be driving through the areas that already received their blanketing of snow and we are safely moving along in the sunny aftermath. I say ‘sunny’ because the sun is out, but the temperatures have been in the 30’s… don’t forget to add the wind chill factor. It felt like 10 degrees!

We stopped at a roadside rest stop and while my dad went inside to phone ahead a hotel reservation, I watched a very odd scene unfold in front of me during my sidewalk calisthenics. A truck driver was walking his kitten. Now understand, this kitten behaved just like a puppy or a dog. Every time the trucker would walk, the kitten would follow. Everytime he stopped, the kitten would stop. I watched the trucker stand motionless at one point to watch the little chipmunks racing about. He would glance back at the kitten to see how she might react to these scurrying little picnic-seeking animals… testing her early instincts I suppose. The little grey kitten really had no interest in the chipmunks. Her present moment joy was to rub all over and crawl between the trucker’s feet, rolling on his shoes, doing everything she could to demonstrate her utter devotion to him.

When trucker man got closer to me I struck up a conversation with him. He introduced me to Rose. Rose is grey with two, possibly three white socks. Rose said ‘hello’ in her little kitten voice. Just being polite I suppose because clearly Rose only had eyes for her trucker man. She was deeply in love. Turns out he found her on the side of the highway… abandoned. You bet Rose loves her trucker! Nameless trucker said that he realizes most truckers have dogs, but he thought he would be different.

At this point I should’ve gotten the video camera out. I couldn’t. I just wanted to stay in the moment with this lovely story unfolding before me. And I was too tired to rummage through the car to find the camcorder, find the right tape, load it in, and document it in my log. Ugh!! I need a camera man (or woman) to travel with me who is always ready at a moment’s notice! I can dream, can’t I? (No digital camera either. The battery died and a replacement is not carried in any store!)

Back to trucker man and Rose. Apparently Rose is ‘truck trained’ already. He’s had her since Sunday and she’s only gone twice in the truck litter box that he set up for her, but mostly she goes outside when they stop at rest stops – like a dog!

I thanked trucker man for sharing little Rose and their lovely story with me. I was touched. Then I leapt into the car as soon as possible. I hadn’t realized how frozen I was because I was so taken with this odd and loveable couple on the side of the road… somewhere off of I-80 in western Wyoming.

6 thoughts on “Trucker Man and Rose (Chapter 5)

  1. What a sweet story. It made me laugh out loud the part about the cat who only had eyes for her trucker man. :^D I\’m glad to have heard about this story, Eileen-with or without vlog. I want to share it with my Mom, who loves cats.. if it\’s ok with you. Thank you.


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