Trip Diary, Chapter 4

Need I say more? So beautiful!

Actually, this was a shot that my Uncle Loren took and gave to me on a disc with many other fabulous Fall shots that I’m assuming he captured during more of the peak season.

We’re leaving Wisconsin tomorrow morning. I’ve had a truly wonderful time seeing and visiting with family again. And the season’s breathtaking beauty will be with me for some time to come I’m sure.

The visit with my childhood chum yesterday was a real treat, although in my opinion quite comical at times as we both stretched and strained to remember things from 35 years ago! The two years that I lived in Wisconsin as a child definitely conjure up the most cherished memories for me – the ones that are still accessible that is! We both decided that staying in touch via e-mail would be a welcome and rewarding experience.

I’ll probably write more here once I’m back in California. Thanks everyone, for making the trip with me back to the midwestern portion of my childhood. It’s been a real joy to have you along.

6 thoughts on “Trip Diary, Chapter 4

  1. I like the picture, too. Reminds me a bit of New England. So glad you had a good time on your trip and I hope your trip home is safe and eventful in the good sense.


  2. Memories of the midwest. Ahh, the wonderful summers and beautiful falls, love that feeling of the air changing or the energy. I can remember loving that fall crispness, and also thinking oh boy here comes the ol winter. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to vlog footage too.


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