Trip Diary, Chapter 1

I arrived in California on the 27th of September. As I type this today, in hopes of posting to my blog by tonight, I’m riding shotgun with my Dad in a Buick on an endless stretch of Wyoming freeway. So far my camcorder has captured a brief interview with a two year old named Myles in San Diego, two consecutive days of beautiful sunrises from the highway, and a quick capture of the fall colors in Utah. Oh yes, and yesterday’s digital photo of the Chuck-A-Rama sign in St. George, Utah. My dad, who has done this California to Wisconsin trip many times, said he knew of a fabulous buffet lunch place that he wanted me to try. It sounded good until I heard the name. What could it mean? A couple of thoughts came to mind. It turned out to be pretty good food and certainly the potential was there to overeat. No worries though, I came through it just fine.

One particular notable mention from yesterday’s travels was the autumn colors splashed across the mountain range surrounding Provo and Salt Lake City Utah. The scene was quite a gift. I have to hand it to Joseph Smith, the visionary founder of the Mormon Church; he definitely picked a good spot to settle down in.

We ate breakfast this morning in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where I was on the lookout for anyone who looked intriguing enough for an interview, but unfortunately it seemed a bit of a downer in the diner we chose. Life pretty much sucks when it’s 7 am Monday morning and you’re out of pancakes. I’m not so sure that was why our waitress seemed distracted and lacked a certain vitality, after all life does go on with or without pancakes. She just seemed sad – a valid feeling that I would normally ask to hear more about, but I was tired and extremely distracted myself with my one-track mind for coffee. (Thankfully they weren’t out of that too.) I guess what I’m trying to say is that so far today the conditions just haven’t been conducive to filming. I’m perfectly OK with that. These days I don’t do much of anything without inspiration.

All in all I feel quite content – listening to my dad’s stories (again), laughing a lot, and watching the scenery go by. Life is good – although I do miss my blog friends.

Oh, and I’m learning a lot on this trip – everything from the fact that Buicks are the best damn cars on the road, to the discovery that when motels say they have high-speed internet… well, they’re mostly kidding.

See you in Nebraska!

7 thoughts on “Trip Diary, Chapter 1

  1. Nice reporting Eileen!Glad you are having a good time with your dad!Can\’t imagine no pancakes at that restaurant though!See you in Nebraska!Happy trails to you!Miss you!Margie:)


  2. awww… you ARE having so much fun!! really cool!! heyy, capture all that for the posts!! 🙂 and me waiting for them! see you Nebraska!! Bon Voyage!!


  3. Hey, thanks guys for traveling along with me. I\’m pretty pooped out now and will give you an update soon.I did have pancakes this morning in Iowa and interviewed the waitress. Very cool lady. More on that later…Tree – still sounds like a great idea. I\’d love to read your touring stories!Gotta go. Tornado watch tonight. Where\’s the basement in this place???


  4. Excuse me… without pancakes? What\’s that I hear in the background – it seems to be the theme from Twilight Zone. Ah well, I\’m sure…and I read that you did catch up in pancake world. Ah well, looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.Goodlife.


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