Fly with Me by ODEOI'm taking a little break from posting to learn how to run the new camcorder. If all goes well I'll be 'vlogging' here in the future. I thought I'd leave you with this song for a time. It's a piece that I started writing in Santa Fe, NM a year or so ago, … Continue reading Fly with Me

Universal Love is ‘Nice’ (and Other Human Misconceptions)

It occurred to me in my communion state this morning that my own definition of Love needed to be clarified. I write about it a lot, and I want to be sure that I am making myself as clear as possible. You may notice that I capitalize this word when I write of it in … Continue reading Universal Love is ‘Nice’ (and Other Human Misconceptions)

2012? How ’bout Now?

"Father-Mother God, I'm here." I've noticed something. It isn't until I am able to say this - with 100% presence, humility and honesty - that the energy will shift into pure Love, along with a total knowing and understanding that all of my needs are met. With this comes the realization that when I'm not … Continue reading 2012? How ’bout Now?

Owning the God Frequency

I reread my "Feelings Aloud" blurb at the top of my blog and realized that I'm not sharing so much of what I had set out to share here anymore.I have been applying and practicing all of the guidance that I have been channeling or 'knowing' through these beautiful and blessed states of communion, and … Continue reading Owning the God Frequency