Back to Love
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Another song offering that falls within my own self-proclaimed genre of “Conscious Pop”.

This is a song about forgiveness and was written about three years ago. It was inspired by a dream. Many of my songs come that way. In the dream I was talking to my two older brothers. They were quiet and listening as I honestly spoke my truth with them about the pain we still carried as a result of the unspoken feelings and misunderstandings from our childhood and young adult years. I gave voice to all of it, and by the end of the dream I noticed that I had completely healed and transformed our relationship – just by resolving it within my own consciousness. That very same day I called them and we had a beautiful connection. Pretty powerful stuff.

6 thoughts on “Back to Love

  1. Sweet song, thanks for sharing. And I love when that happens with dreams! Interesting how that happens too – maybe just when the time is right and not a moment before, something just happens or clicks and then poof.. change. :^) Happy to hear your music.


  2. Thank you Ilias. I have always been fascinated with the \’dream healers\’ of Egypt. I don\’t know much about it detail-wise, but I know that they used the dream state to heal. Makes perfect sense to me.Margie, glad you liked the song and one of my favorite childhood photos. We were blessed to always have animals around our home.


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