Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Cows

My big announcement today is that I’m suddenly taking a road trip. Well, first it’s a plane, then a train, and then a road trip.

On Wednesday I got a call from my father asking if I want to make a journey with him from California to Wisconsin, departing in a little over a week. It’s a trip that I used to take as a child with my family because that’s where my dad is from and we have a lot of relatives there. I even lived in La Crosse for two years and have so many fond memories of my aunt and uncle’s dairy farm, snow, sleds, ice skates, cheese, fishing, small towns, autumn colors, and so much more. I haven’t been back to Wisconsin since my early teens and am so excited to see everyone as well as enjoy the beautiful changing leaves … and of course, Octoberfest!

The best part of all is, I plan on taking the camcorder and randomly choosing subjects for my “Feelings Aloud” Vlog Series along the way. Yay!

I love people. I love that they ALL have feelings and wonderful wisdom to share. And because I’m passionate about giving voice to feelings in my own life, I want to give others that permission and opportunity as well. I feel it’s a natural progression for my blog.

I leave Hawaii next week and won’t be back to edit until mid-October, but I do plan on posting a few times before I leave and along the way when I can, with digital photos and updates on what I’m seeing, who I’m talking to and whatever else there might be to report on. (I think my dad is a little nervous that he might get a bit too much coverage in my postings because he’s kind of a captive subject.)

Also, my dad doesn’t know about it yet but I’m going to try and convince him to pass through my old home town, Santa Fe, NM, on the way back. I got a call early today from my friend Candy who is working on a movie set in the area. She said she walked into one of the work rooms this morning and saw my photo posted on the bulletin board to call for an extra part. The casting company apparently still has my file from the first and only movie I’d been in – Steven Spielberg’s, “Into the West”. I played an officer’s wife in the Christmas scene when suddenly all of our husbands get called away to… well, slaughter. I think my actual screen time was about 4.5 seconds. It would’ve been longer if they’d used all of what we filmed that day. There was a big crying (more like wailing and weeping) scene but it didn’t make the cut. I’m not surprised. I remember feeling during the shoot that we sounded more like cows in labor then actual grieving humans. Anyway, they must need the ol’ irish, long-hair type again for the upcoming scene in October. I had such a great time on the “Into the West” set that I’d LOVE to participate in another one. I understand it’s a science fiction movie this time. That’s good because trying to get into those outhouses in a giant hoop skirt was near impossible!

I’ve been realizing lately that I truly live in the moment. I literally never know what’s going to happen next. So far, so good!

10 thoughts on “Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Cows

  1. Eileen! It all sounds so wonderful and fun! I\’m really going to miss your posts here and your comments on my blog (oh my gosh! who\’s going to read my blog??) You\’ll get some great stuff for your vlog and I sense something important will happen with your Dad, too. Maybe something you\’ve needed for a long time? Not sure about that, just something I sense. I do wish you were coming closer to Ohio 😦 I\’d love to meet you in person.


  2. Thanks Margie and Tree. I\’m really looking forward to the trip. Your intuition feels very accurate, Tree. Seems we both had that hit. I fully intend to post along the way. You\’re not getting rid of me that easy! And I will also try to stay up to date with the blogs that I read as well πŸ™‚


  3. heyyyy HAVE FUN!!! sounds real cool! :)and yea,spologies for not coming by earlier… took an extended weekend kinda thing! how have you been doing?and heyy, thank you for kind words and encouragement! :)and the vLog is cool… waiting for more


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