Renee and Nancy

The first of a series on my blog – designed to explore how everyday people are feeling about their lives – what they like, what they don’t, what they’d like to change, spiritual practices, etc. The point is, “What are you feeling?”, versus “What are you thinking?” There’s a difference! We are all treasures of wisdom, and even though we may not be perfect, we can inspire!

Huge thanks to for all of your wonderful tutorials and encouragement!

15 thoughts on “Renee and Nancy

  1. Eileen!!! I love it! You are really on to something here! I do want to put my two cents in about one thing though (hope you don\’t mind) I was so absorbed in what Renee was saying, and then the music interrupted that reflective mood for me. It took away from the moment. I think you have a fantastic idea here and I admire you so much for going out and doing it!


  2. Thank you Robert and Tree. And definitely all comments as well as suggestions are welcome. I\’m new to this!! Though I need to know specifically what part you are referring to Tree. I found it to be somewhat challenging to create a dynamic, evolving story in just 4 and a half minutes! Mostly it was fun.


  3. Thanks Tree! The music comes in in a couple of places… I really want to know which spot you were referring to so that I can re-feel it from your perspective, K? I ALWAYS want to hear from readers/viewers about how something I post makes you feel. You know… Feelings Aloud and all? πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi again. The scene in the car, with Renee driving and doing most of the talking. I was so absorbed in what she was saying, and moved by it, that the music was jarring to me. Thanks for letting me share my opinions. This project is so perfect for you, there\’s no doubt in my mind that people will open up and talk to you.


  5. Thanks Tree. I do appreciate hearing how it made you feel and will keep it in mind for future \’shows\’. Renee was a fabulous first subject because she had so much to say! I found myself wishing that I could make it longer. Alas the completed 4.5 minute iMovie file is 7GB and the compressed Quicktime movie is 20MB. Bliptv supposedly only takes 10MB so I was thrilled when it was accepted. The music came in at that point because it was essentially the end… with credits. I\’m sure I\’ll be learning tons with each production, not only in my own interaction with my subjects, hardware and software, but from reader/viewers like you πŸ™‚


  6. This is interesting and full of promise. I agree about hearing the voices, it was a little hard at times. Can they be miked? My favorite part is the dog getting a nice pat from the beach people. :^) And no problem about the link to your music, I had been meaning to ask if it was OK with you. Happy travels.


  7. Thanks for your comment Ilias. Yes. I will be miking future shoots. To tell you the truth, I just took the camera out that day to see if I could operate it and give it a test run overall. I ended up taking the footage that I got and turned it into an example of what I imagined in my head. I learned a LOT through the whole process. The dog is one of my favorite parts too. She seemed to be waiting for someone to come back from the sea.


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