One Prayer – from the Divine Feminine

Note: I’ve done enough research to know that it’ll be awhile before I have a vlog. This morning I’ve been cleaning up my hard drive, organizing, and deleting files that I no longer need – basically making room for huge video files.

I happened upon this message. It came a few months ago through a state of spiritual communion. I could hardly keep up in writing it down. I didn’t edit it at all. The source was that all-encompassing, magnetic frequency that I’m OK with calling the Divine Feminine. It wanted to be a little book. I even saw it in my mind’s eye. Maybe someday.

One Prayer

You need say only one prayer in this world: “I ask that I be That Which I AM, here and now.”

All other prayers or requests assume that there is distance between Source and yourself. In Truth, there is no distance.

“I choose to be Whole.
I choose to be That Which I Am.”

What if I were to tell you that ALL of your SELF could be restored in an instant?

No more struggle.
No more pain.
No more sickness.
No more war.
No more hunger.

Can you imagine that? Do you want to live fully?

If so, “I ask that I be That Which I AM, here and now.”

Some of you may not have any IDEA of what that would be like. That is not surprising. Your fullness is not in thought or deed. It is in BEING That Which You Are.

Who is “That Which I AM”? Will I know her? Will I like her? Will I feel better when I am restored?


You may think that you will feel better when you get that new job,

Or that new house
Or car
Or drug
Or vacation
Or girlfriend
Or boyfriend

Perhaps for a moment. But dare I say that what you are really looking for is YOU.
YOU are not out there.
YOU are here.
SHE is here.

I can’t find her. Where has SHE been? Why did SHE leave us here – feeling like strangers in a strange land?

SHE is always HERE. It is you who left HERE. You are not being punished for leaving HERE. You are exploring. Now that you have been exploring for many thousands of years on Earth, what do you prefer? HERE or there?

HERE is the natural state. THERE is what you have created in your mind or intellect.

There are some who never left HERE.

The children
The flowers
The trees
The insects
The animals
The birds
The water
The stones
The wind
The sun

The angels.

They are ALL still HERE.

Where did you go? You decided to explore creation with only half of your capacities.

Actually, YOU are still here. YOU are the angels. YOU are gold.

All of the Natural World, including YOU, await your One Prayer.

“I ask that I be That Which I AM, here and now.”

All of what you THOUGHT was real will fade.

All of what you KNOW will activate and come to Light.

And you will be HOME.
On Earth as it is in Heaven.

You will no longer need the angels to intervene on your behalf. For you will no longer be HALF. YOU will be whole. YOU will be ONE with the Golden Angel that you are.

And YOU will KNOW all that you need to know when you need to know it.

YOU will be where you need to be when you need to be there.

YOU will meet all whom you need to meet when you need to meet them.

YOU will feel whole.
YOU will feel fulfilled.
YOU will live the life – HERE and now.

What will happen to everybody else?

YOU will inspire them to say One Prayer:

“I ask that I be That Which I Am.”

10 thoughts on “One Prayer – from the Divine Feminine

  1. Be That which You AreBe Happy with What You AreBe Content with what you areBe fulfilled in what you areThen anything and all else,is a gift, a passtimeto entertain amuse, WHO YOU ARE


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