Fly with Me
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I’m taking a little break from posting to learn how to run the new camcorder. If all goes well I’ll be ‘vlogging’ here in the future. I thought I’d leave you with this song for a time. It’s a piece that I started writing in Santa Fe, NM a year or so ago, and the rest unfolded in Hawaii. That was a time that I was flying back and forth a lot… such a huge transitional period for me. I find that when these big shifts happen in my life I want to take everyone I love with me, but I found that most of the time it doesn’t work that way.

Truth be told, we all grow differently… some will hold, some will learn to let go… and somewhere inside we know, we’ll all be landing greater-than…

5 thoughts on “Fly with Me

  1. Eileen,I feel the energy moving when I listen. NM is great. I am beginning a love affair with Santa Fe. :^) Madrid is nice too. Looks like I will be working in Alb. soon – teaching art to 6-8th graders. :^) Never thought I\’d be doing this, but I am looking forward to learning something new. Ha, and they think I will be teaching them! Oh, and today I was in the Goodwill on Cerillos and found your CD All in One Day! I like it very much. :^) Thanks for all you do.


  2. Hi Eileen, good luck with the camera! I\’ve been taking my time reading your lasts couple of posts, just don\’t want you to think I\’m not paying attention. Take care!


  3. Thank you Margie. Your enthusiasm and loving presence is always so welcome here. Ilias, I\’m so happy that you love Santa Fe! She has many beautiful gifts to offer. So very happy to hear of your position in ABQ. Lucky kids I\’m sure. Sounds like you\’re shopping at my old store! Goodwill on Cerrillos – where choosy artists shop!And to Santa Fe: Who among you would dare to throw your Eileen Meyer CD into the Goodwill pile!!!???Tree, No worries. I\’ve missed you, but have no intention of reporting you to the blog master for falling behind 😉 I\’ve been busy researching vlogs out there and getting very inspired to begin using the camera, but there are so many buttons…


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