2012? How ’bout Now?

“Father-Mother God, I’m here.”

I’ve noticed something. It isn’t until I am able to say this – with 100% presence, humility and honesty – that the energy will shift into pure Love, along with a total knowing and understanding that all of my needs are met. With this comes the realization that when I’m not at this threshold, this Love feels larger, outside of, and beyond me. Yet, when I am on the threshold, or in the doorway, it IS me – the unlimited One.

Why would I not choose to be at that threshold more often then? Or perhaps even stay in this consciousness long enough to find my preferences file and change it to reflect the ‘threshold’ as a constant, and the rest as an anomaly?

I don’t know exactly. But I think it has something to do with the importance of ‘coming out’ with it – in the world. I don’t engage in feeling dialogues with the Creator in order to selfishly establish a ‘nicer’ human life for myself, I want my whole world to reflect and live in the excitement and ecstasy of lucid consciousness. I’m aware that it begins with me. Let’s face it, I hear a lot of folks who say this is what they want, so it begins with all of us and the choice to be conscious co-creators of Life. I feel that together we have an opportunity to change our entire world-view and destiny here on this planet. I admit it though; I’ve been ‘blissing out’ in the comfort and quiet seclusion of my comfortable little nest here in Hawaii. Nests are a wonderful thing – a good place to strengthen, learn and grow, but we all know there comes a time to fly out there and BE what we’ve been practicing and imagining ourselves to BE in the safety of our comfort zones.

Recently I was shown in a ‘communion vision’ a deeper meaning of the message, “Where two or more are gathered in my name…”. First comes our own one-on-one with Creator, a ‘heart to heart’ as they say, within the individual present mind. This is where we change our minds and welcome more of our Selves into conscious activity here on Earth. Then, when two people (or more) come together who have had their own individual Self conference with resultant new intentions and inspirations for Life, there is enormous potentiality to change the entire outer world experience – due to the fact that it is not just a subjective experience anymore. It is now objective – witnessed – spoken out loud. With this comes the power and inspiration to make new collective agreements about a shared life and world – one that we actually prefer!

Only until this lucidity occurs in our own ‘conversation with God’ can we as a collective show up on that doorstep, acknowledge that the ‘lie’ is being dismantled, along with all of its accompanying infrastructure, and be open to having-creating-doing-being so much more…far more than we have even allowed ourselves to imagine is possible. No one can really offer us a step by step ‘how-to’ guide for lucid living, or more importantly make anyone desire it. Unfortunately words don’t work as conveniently and comfortably at this stage of the game. Upon our inquiry, others can send their own hyperlinks to us outlining how they got there, but ultimately folks just gotta make the choice on their own and begin pointing and clicking on the tabs and links that they are drawn to. But what about those people on the planet who for years have been spiritually exploring, learning, investigating, unraveling, practicing, and becoming more? These folks seem to be nervously pacing the floor now, wringing their hands, ready to give birth to their new lucid selves in the world.

My visions and guidance say that there are many of us now who have “changed their minds” to enough of a degree that if we had the courage to be and act from this new understanding without apology, in full support of the Greater Self in all, we could make a huge difference in the outer world. In my own life, I know I have been experiencing an uncomfortable state of inertia because I have not allowed myself to be fully aware or accepting that this could really be true – this greatness of who I am and who we all are collectively. Why can’t I just be an ‘armchair creator’? …and what if I make a huge mistake? …and what if I really am insane? what will my friends and family think? …and ah hell, maybe I should just keep blogging and ‘testing the waters’ for awhile…

OK. So many of us are feeling somewhat stuck. It’s perfectly understandable that we would feel this way. We’re addicted to life happening to us rather than through us. This collective world that we have all been participating in has not exactly been giving us permission to be more. I say if we do not find this permission in the outer world, WE have to give ourselves that permission – to take this conscious first step and BE more… manifest more of ourselves, manifest more of our Source. If we don’t see an existing person, place or thing in which to fit into or with, we must not allow that to limit us from manifesting it in the world in the ways that we are able, in any given moment. This is how we find each other – our tribe, as they say – by broadcasting the Source Frequency in the ways that we are inspired to broadcast right where we are. Not only that, when we have the courage to do this, we instantly give others a new choice – permission to do the same in their own way.

I’ve noticed that something has changed recently in the collective. It’s so recent that I can’t say I can really put my finger on it, but I can literally feel that a line has been drawn in the sand. We have entered a new chapter in our human evolution. This is a whole new ball game folks – not just a national or worldly arena anymore. If we don’t consciously choose to change our ‘preferences’ to a larger cosmic operating system, that’s OK. Benevolent Grace will move the mouse and change it for us. There are prophets of old and prophets of ‘now’ who seem to readily agree on this – the end of time as we know it is upon us. But is it in 2012? Or is it now? It’s simply a choice as to when, where and how we want to experience this impending shift – here/there, later/now, love/fear – you decide.

It’s like the hush and dimming lights before a really big show. You bought your tickets long ago – so long ago that you almost forgot that you had them. Yet here it is. The orchestra begins to softly play, conversations are accelerated to an end, and collectively we look in the direction of the stage – waiting anxiously to see what is going to play out in front of us. Will it be a tragedy, a comedy, romance…? Relaxing into our seats, we find ourselves waiting for the curtain to open. Nothing happens. A soft murmur comes over the crowd. Why is this not going the way it always has? Something must be wrong. What shall we do? Some get nervous. Some get angry. Some just patiently wait. And some volunteer to find the manager. We begin to hear something, sense something, feel a draft of sorts. We all stop. “Hmmm”, we say to each other, “Do you feel that?”. Someone must’ve forgotten to close that window, or accidently left the door open again… seems to be happening more often these days. No… wait. Holy sh#t. We all look up in awe as we watch what looks like massive Sky Dome-esque retractable doors begin to part above us, slowly revealing a much larger and brighter star-studded night sky than any of us can recall seeing quite that way before. There above us is a breathtaking panoramic view of the sparkling Milky Way Galaxy, streaming off into infinity. We are all stunned into silence, looking at each other and all around as our eyes continue to adjust to the dark. A lone voice in the crowd utters the obvious collective conclusion. “What the… we’re standing on a giant field!!” The huge arena lights suddenly spill out their golden sun-like power onto the field.

And there we are,
Frozen in the cosmic light,
The skillful cast
In a flash
Of every step and word.
Yet through the absence of sound
An innocent voice is heard,
“Ohhh… we must be dead.”
A warm and thunderous voice returns,
Like reverb on the skin of drums
Inside our heart and heads,
“This is you… alive again!”

How will you respond?
Will you choose fear?
Or perhaps you’ll smile and say,
“Father-Mother God, I’m here”.

5 thoughts on “2012? How ’bout Now?

  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. JR, I admire the work that you are doing in the prison. From what I read on your blog, your presence there inspires. In my book that is demonstration to those in your midst of something greater.I start my day with \”Father-Mother God, I\’m Here\”, as presently as possible. The rest of the day is doing my best to remember that I am still connected to that, through every suggestion that I\’m not. Some days are better than others.


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