To Free
powered by ODEO

This song came a few years ago and I never recorded it. I used to get so excited when new songs came that I would start singing them live right away. I thought it was about time to get this one down.

As always, this is the best I can do with what I have… and Garageband ain’t too shabby.

I’m using a 16-year old EV microphone that is falling apart. Thank goodness for duct tape 😉

I already had the piano track, bass and some drums, but the rest, including vocals, were pieced together this afternoon in between the city sounds and sirens of Honolulu!

4 thoughts on “To Free

  1. Thanks for listening all.Neers, if you click on the pink words under the player \”powered by Odeo\” or my pink podcast link in the sidebar, it\’ll take you to a page with a link to an mp3 file.


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