Owning the God Frequency

I reread my “Feelings Aloud” blurb at the top of my blog and realized that I’m not sharing so much of what I had set out to share here anymore.

I have been applying and practicing all of the guidance that I have been channeling or ‘knowing’ through these beautiful and blessed states of communion, and one miracle after another has arrived in my life – including a beautiful place to call home, money, joy, fulfillment, healing and more. And all of it comes because I ask. I innocently ask for what I want. I guess you could say that I got tired of living and contributing to a lie, got mad, and demanded LIFE. The rest is history, as they say. Every day of my life now brings ecstatic insight and understanding because I have done some serious, conscious work with my feeling body. Every feeling I have now is made conscious as soon as possible. What I have discovered is that this opens the feeling or sensory nature up to the Source Frequency – whereas before it could not be perceived due to the ‘closed-circuit’ nature of existence in this intellectually agreed-upon Earth experience – a rather incomplete view of the truth of who we are… naturally.

My greatest frustration on a daily basis is how to document and share my own feeling “Conversations with God” type insights and inspirations with others… in words. It’s exhausting to “ex-plain” it… or to “make it plain” in language. How do I design a workshop or lecture about it when my preference is to reach my hand out, touch others in a sort of feeling version of a Spock ‘mind meld’, and say, “Here. This is what I want to remind you of. Feel it! It’s YOU!” But we all know that up to this point it has not worked that way so much in this world. We are addicted to words. We are addicted to what we have been told. And I’ve noticed that we have become very tired and cynical indeed. Even my own Guidance has said, “You will find in your world that you won’t be so much in need of ‘spiritual teachers’ anymore, but you will be desiring ‘demonstrators’ of these Life Principles.” I like that approach.

So lately I’ve been on this song and poetry kick. When I tire myself out with other more ‘acceptable’ and worldly methods of communication, I land here – in the blissful realm of the God Frequency expressed in sound and harmonics. It’s a lot more comfortable here. I’ve learned to own it, right where I am. I have shared before that I don’t have the energy anymore to ‘sing out’ in the old framework of drinking clubs and expensive-to-produce concerts. In my previous singer-songwriter incarnation I had to work so very hard to be heard, and it wore me out. For now I am content to broadcast my humble creations over the internet from my little bedroom studio. And with this, there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that I have indeed followed through – with the creation and sharing of what comes. In other words, if I were to die tomorrow, there would be no regrets in not having shared. That feels good to me… I didn’t sit, frozen in fear. I moved. I did what I could with what I had.

The camera should be here any day now. As I indicated in earlier posts, my plan is to shift the focus to the outer world. Who are you? What are you feeling? What do you want to create and share in your life? How do you relate to the Creator? And more. We’ll see how that goes.

This may take some time. I’m sure there will be quite a learning curve with the technicalities of operating a video camera. God give me the strength to yet again learn something new!

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Owning the God Frequency

  1. For what it\’s worth, this blogger admires you and is proud of the decisions you\’ve made. It\’s not always easy to face our own lives, and it can be even harder to share with others but you are doing both. I know I struggle with the sharing part on my blog and am working up to being more open in the things I want to share on it. You help me with that just by being yourself.


  2. Eileen, this is so inspiring to me. Especially now as I am taking full credit for creating my life the way it is. I want LIFE too! Demanding it feels good. And so does going out to get it.Your words are comforting as they come from you who have been there as a feeling person. I so appreciate your willingness to share your experience as it helps me to feel good about my own – even when I am doubting. Support is a wonderful thing. :^)


  3. so true Eileen!!! you make your own LIFE!! and you would think, its easy! just then… you see that sometimes… your own family becomes a road block… 🙂 ah well, ways of life… and then again.. anything worth doesnt come easy.. does it??thank you for this! waiting for the camera work 🙂


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