Live with It
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innocence is the key to freedom from this senseless place… i say keep your weighty explanations of grace… let me breathe and play dance and pray… i’m the same as an ocean a mountain a song… i belong to all and nothing… i am… you can stay there in your mind if you like… i’m not going anywhere… wanna let go? end the battle and close the show? stop open the door open the heart it’s a sphere not a box it’s right here… there’s the knock! now who do you suppose is there? go ahead talk! talk to the creator of all… why not? because someone… well just about everyone said you are not that which is beautiful? do yourself a favor let it go for good… let it fall into the abyss this is god and I am that I am in you…

live with it

I can hear you thinking… could I be god? could this be true? innocence says you are and it is…

live with it!

7 thoughts on “Live with It

  1. EileenThat is just so very beautiful!I could listen to you all night!we went away for the weekend, and I took my laptop… something I usually don\’t do.But, I am so glad I took it this time… and did not have to wait till Monday to be captivated by your words and voice.Your voice is incredible!Thank you for this… I am feeling such joy right now.I will listen again after we return from dinner!Have a wonderful weekend!-Margie


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