Blog, Pod, Vlog… Fog

It has been a rather rapid evolution for me – from blog to pod to vlog (hopefully). The camera is on its way – being shipped from the Mainland to Hawaii (Sorry Honolulu. I would’ve loved to send the business your way but you just didn’t have what I wanted!)

I have been researching vlogs and vlog how-to’s for hours today. Whew! Information overload. Exhausted. Still… very inspired.

This is a very cool concept. A great idea to raise money for vlogging! Have Money Will Vlog

And this guy is so good it’s intimidating and inspiring all rolled into one. People sure are getting creative. That’s all I have to say! Pouring Down TV

I also researched some poet podcasters today. Here is one that I liked on Odeo. Her name is Amias and she reads from her own book of poetry.
powered by ODEO

Maybe soon we’ll even hear the voices and perhaps one day see the video faces of those wonderful beings behind Benevolent Magic, Here is Tree (Dependent Arisings), 3DPoetry, When the Heart Speaks, and Multi and Not Universe. Just a few of my favs. (No pressure guys.)

Happy Friday to all.

4 thoughts on “Blog, Pod, Vlog… Fog

  1. It\’s always exciting to find new ways to express ourselves! Good on you for teaching yourself these things, Eileen. I think the more people that hear/see/read your message the better. Thanks for the \”plug\” although I\’m not quite ready for the technological jump! Right now, I\’m just struggling with what to write! (But finally getting the knack for HTML and links woo hoo!)


  2. Tree and Margie,I completely agree that it\’s quite a technological jump. I suppose I\’m more driven now by the itch to fulfill my doc-filmmaker dream than anything. I\’m just thrilled that the technology is available for everyday folk now.Mostly though, I\’ve got this love affair and fascination with people, and I want it to be about them.And Tree – I still get excited when I successfully create a link. Way to go!(I hope all of my links work in this post… I never checked!)


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