Back to Love by ODEOAnother song offering that falls within my own self-proclaimed genre of "Conscious Pop".This is a song about forgiveness and was written about three years ago. It was inspired by a dream. Many of my songs come that way. In the dream I was talking to my two older brothers. They were quiet and … Continue reading Back to Love

Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Cows

My big announcement today is that I'm suddenly taking a road trip. Well, first it's a plane, then a train, and then a road trip.On Wednesday I got a call from my father asking if I want to make a journey with him from California to Wisconsin, departing in a little over a week. It's … Continue reading Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Cows

One Prayer – from the Divine Feminine

Note: I've done enough research to know that it'll be awhile before I have a vlog. This morning I've been cleaning up my hard drive, organizing, and deleting files that I no longer need - basically making room for huge video files. I happened upon this message. It came a few months ago through a … Continue reading One Prayer – from the Divine Feminine