Taking the Cup

They say that God has angels
To intercede on His behalf.
Because God can’t be bothered
With our everyday lives?
That’s what I was trained to think.
Today I find otherwise.
Now don’t get me wrong
I love the idea of angels
Just like anyone else,
But I figured I’d just try
To call Him direct.
First came a surprise,
All I did was cry…
Couldn’t get a word in

Then in between my fits of pain
I felt some thing…
Something so comfortable
That I had no trouble
Claiming it as mine.
Now in this place
There are no wings and Bible verse,
No divine hero sings to serve
Our addiction to words,
And title of ‘sinner’ in time.

Yet I was more than filled
By taking the cup
Selfishly sucking it in
There was no end
To this delicious drink of Love…
That is,
Until I changed my mind again.
Back to the land of
‘Gotta go… gotta do’
I knew the truth.
Angels are the in-between
Disowned glory of us.
Because we have yet to believe
We are fast becoming,
That which we once

© 2006 Eileen Meyer

Image: https://www.wikiart.org/en/arthur-rackham/the-holy-grail-is-carried-in

12 thoughts on “Taking the Cup

  1. Our perceptions of angels is interesting. I remember reading a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez titled, \”The Old Man With Enormous Wings.\” These villagers find the old man washed up on a beach and put him in a cage to make money. Turns out he\’s an angel. So, it\’s our perception that counts.


  2. Thank\’s for listening Margie. And welcome JR. Glad you stopped by. I agree, perception is everything. Yet locking up an angel and finding a way to profit from it sounds so American!


  3. Wonderful. I feel a tingling from your words.. and the message is quite remarkable… and real. Well-rounded and grounded, and even funny yet serious. :^) :^O :^P


  4. Neers,I feel that I\’ve actually had to grow into sharing that particular message. It came into my consciousness upon emerging from meditation in the year 2000 – only to \’drop-in\’ at the end of writing this poem. I knew the statement to be true back then, for all of us, but also knew there was no one in my life that would welcome that \’idea\’ so I never shared it. These days my filters are gone. Truth no longer \’behaves\’ so that I can comfortably fit into a narrowing view.I do believe that we are building a tribe here, as you have made mention of in one of your recent posts. So comforting that we are all finding each other, no?


  5. Reblogged this on Koyopa Rising and commented:

    I recently uncovered a lot of old, forgotten files. I imported some of my old blogs here from 2006 to 2010. When I listened to this one again, the glorious feelings that poured into this mystical poem poured into me again, as if no time had passed. The body, every cell, remembered. ~ Eileen


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