This and That and So

Who is relating to whom?
And where and when
Does the “I”
Or the ocean of being flow in?
Sometimes in the end,
It is an all-out battle to decide
Which image floats or ‘wins’.
But you know that it begins
With your own blueprint
In hand.
Do tell,
Did you decide or were you told,
That you are
This and that and so?

Go ahead and sail
Into the magic
And wonder of
Holding another
Upon the sea
Of possibilities,
But do not forget
The Soul can’t commit
To some militant ship!
We’ve all been there before,
Lulled into dreaming
A rational thinking
That the more
Can be talked into

Consciousness arrives
Through the fog of time
Can you feel the ocean view?
A successful search and rescue
Has once again
Saved the truth of you.
Accept this sweet relief,
Where lyrical waves do sing,
The “I” is far more than “this or that”
Will ever be…
Why not let it swim in thee!

Take heed this time
As you rise anew.
Recall again as a child
How madly in love
You were with You!
The Soul is ready and willing
To be welcomed home.
You decide how much of her
To kiss,
To tell,
To own.
Just know,
That the world is calling on you
To build a greater,
More truthful,
This and that and so.

5 thoughts on “This and That and So

  1. This is really nice – affirming of the truth of unlimited possibility. Why can\’t we have it all? why can\’t we be the director, star and audience of our own brilliant life production? :^) I love it.


  2. Precisely Steve! Why can\’t we? I\’ve been asking that question throughout most of my life. My poor family has given up on educating me to believe otherwise. Now I\’m just the \’odd one\’ who believes she can have it all 😉


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