Sneezes Aloud

While it falls under somewhat of a ‘feelings aloud’ theme, the above cute clip is actually just a practice run for me… you know, to see if I could successfully transition from podcast posts to video posts. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be!

My next ‘big idea’ is to get a video camera and interview people on the streets, edit it, and then upload it to YouTube. The documentary film biz is not new to me. I co-wrote, co-edited, co-produced, and sometimes starred in TV commercials, documentaries and instructional DVDs in the early years of this century. But like a true artist, I always wanted to try out my own thing.

It’s really an evolution of a vision that I had several years ago. It started off as an idea for a documentary or a television series, but now that we have Vlog-World, it might just come into being here! We’ll see…

All I need is a digital camera, a tripod and a lot of courage to approach people and draw out their answers to very personal questions.

I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “Sneezes Aloud

  1. All the very BEST!!! heyy, am not only humbled by the compliment… am eagerly waiting for the poem… would you also compose and sing it?? and buy either Sony or Canon for your dare do… 🙂 however, i have a feeling, you already know, what are you talking about and people.. would definitely love to talk to you… 🙂


  2. Can\’t see the video here at work, but I think you have a great idea! I understand your feelings though. I have limited my own photography due to feeling self conscious in public situations. I\’d love to make documentaries though, so I definitely support you in your ambitions! Go for it!


  3. Thanks for the support everyone!Neers, I\’m looking at the Canon Elura 85 – Consumer Reports\’ top pick. I appreciate your input on that. As far as the poem goes, interesting thought to make it a song. Funny thing about that is, the poem usually lets me know if it wants to be a song or not – a whole different structure. I\’m open to it… we\’ll see.(In case anyone\’s wondering, I am writing a poem now because I was inspired by Neer\’s latest post entitled, \”Euthanasia\”. Her writing is most excellent and evocative.)


  4. Tree,Ah yes, self-consciousness… It\’s definitely there for me too. I feel that you and I are alike in a lot of ways – in public the shy, silent-observer artist type. There\’s a lot of us! I\’m glad that our \’types\’ can connect here because really, when you think about it, we probably wouldn\’t talk to each other at a store or on the bus. I wonder, how many deep, meaningful, authentic conversations actually take place at work or shopping or busriding? Maybe we\’re practicing here for the time that we\’ll start doing it in the world 🙂


  5. Really funny video! One more thought about videotaping people…I\’ve found that people are more than willing to talk about themselves and will go on for a long time with hardly any prompting from me. I don\’t know if it\’s \”just me\” that they respond to or it\’s the same with everyone. I suppose the latter. Anyway, you shouldn\’t worry too much about asking strangers questions, I\’m sure you\’ll find lots of talkers.


  6. Thanks for your input Tree. I had to laugh. It\’s not \”just you\”. Sometimes people won\’t STOP talking and sharing their secrets with me… but that\’s without a camera. People are sometimes intimidated by the lens. Ah well, we shall see.I went to Walmart/Sam\’s Club today plus shopped by phone for the camera I want. It\’s slim pickins here on the islands. Looks like I\’ll have to do it the internet way!


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