Truest Version

I love to sing. I love to write. I love to share. And blogging has become my stage.

I refuse to get bogged down by the rules of the music biz. My producer will more than likely cringe when he sees me posting my latest creations (so don’t tell him). I’m an artist, not a business person. I am able to own my divinity yet am unable… or should I say… I’m completely inadequate when it comes to ‘selling’ it. What can I say? Although, if someone who has a natural talent for promotion with integrity happened along, I would enlist their services. (Does that exist out there?) Otherwise I’ll continue to share my poetic musical creations with the help of my beloved Mac Powerbook, Blogger and Odeo. There’s not much of a demand for rapidly approaching middle age musical mystics out there in the so-called “real world”… well, so far. While I’d say that my naval still looks pretty hot, I can’t seem to gather up any energy or interest in baring it, wiggling it, or liposuctioning it (is that a verb?) in order to share my art 😉

By the way… if I have not already said this, I am also NOT a producer. I do my best with these somewhat incomplete ‘sketches’, but am rather clueless to the organization and structure of a marketable presentation. So forgive me for my simplicity 🙂

This one was truly an ‘off the cuff’ creation. (Hey… good name for a record label.) I had just come out of meditation, where I always feel quite complete – despite what the world may try to convince me of. “Truest Version” was born in just under 20 minutes. The attempts to capture it in a package for consumption by others took about 4 days.

Thanks for listening.
powered by ODEO

I feel beautiful
I don’t know why
‘Cause if you look real close
You’ll find
The usual imperfections
That they say I can easily hide

I feel graceful
No one ever told me
So as far as I know
I’ve no history of royalty
Yet here I am standing tall
Feeling it all

Who can say
What or who I am?
Well follow me nowhere
Lead me to none
It’s better to become
The truest version of Love

I feel smart
Certainly not with a lot of thought
Wise beyond my years
I fear nothing
Armed with knowing
My Soul

I feel rich
Just running low on cash
But it’s all right here
From my heart
To my fingertips


8 thoughts on “Truest Version

  1. Thanks Tree. Actually I wrote and home-recorded this one a few months back. Mostly technical-geek juices are flowing these days with engineering the presentation of it all!By the way, I like your photo on MySpace… cute 😉


  2. eileen, you are beautiful!Your voice is so incredible!the voice of an angel!And your spirit is so real! I am going to get some of your music!Blesings to you beautiful one!-Margie:)


  3. its so sad, that i cannot access Odeo at work… so i have to satiate myself with the lyrics and then go back home to chcek out th sung version. Yea, Jennifer Charles, try googling her and you might also hit some sample music, let me figure out, how to post a music clip on my blog, without getting into any official access restrictions! 🙂 and i would post it for you.and yes, am gonna get your music. so, you are a Trance Channel?? hmm.. am a Reiki Channel… and would like to know about Reiki! And, with a voice and words like that, you are quite HOT!! 😉


  4. I\’m really happy that you enjoy the music Neers. I took a listen to Jennifer Charles – quite versatile! Thanks for the compliment… being compared to her. Yes. Deep trance channel – connecting by way of feeling/knowing and then a translation occurs into words. In the 90\’s I studied Reiki some, and then moved over to a different energetic healing approach for a 3-year study. It\’s all good stuff. My feel is that all of it is really quite natural for humans in general, we just seem to have temporarily \’forgotten\’ that we have these capacities :-)It\’s nice to have your presence here Neers, thank you.


  5. Yea Eileen! It makes me happy to listen to your music. Would like to hear more of your music.. would be good for listening to while making art or working on the computer or when I want to feel beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.


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