The Kingdom

“They asked him (Jesus): When is the Kingdom coming? He replied: It is not coming in an easily observable manner. People will not be saying, ‘Look, it’s over here’ or ‘Look, it’s over there’. Rather, the Kingdom of the Father is already spread out on the earth, and people aren’t aware of it.” — Saying 113, The Gospel of Thomas.

“Saying 113 is an important summation of the worldview reflected in many of Thomas’s sayings, which is that the Kingdom is here now, and people must learn to discern it rather than waiting for some cosmic miracle to bring the Kingdom down to earth.” — Stevan Davies, from The Gospel of Thomas.

In my poem, ‘the Kingdom’ is the Present Moment, and the soldier is the image I created of myself in order to fit into the intellectual world… of past and future.
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I used to be that soldier
Standing proud outside,
Every once in awhile peering
Into the Kingdom
On the hill behind…
Both curious and forgetful about
Why and when
I was commissioned to defend
That which I was told
I was not even fit
To be welcomed within.

I did not take offense
For I was far too busy
To entertain such things.
With commanding officer
Bellowing orders
From headquarters
Of distant past,
I could not afford the luxury.
Dire warnings had been issued
Of the horrors to come
If I were not vigilant
Against the future,
And it’s terrible armies of
Nightmarish doom.

One day
Something changed.
Today I peer outside
And there is no soldier in sight.
He must have grown tired
And died.
Today there are no orders
Echoing out from past,
And no strategies to meet
The threat,
Of that next big defeat.
The soldier may be gone
But there is no reason to grieve.
In the Kingdom
There is only today.
In the Kingdom
There is only Peace.

4 thoughts on “The Kingdom

  1. Eileen,I listened to this 3 times!I was spellbound!How very, very beautiful!Your words, and voice together are incredible!!!Thank you for making my evening full of peace!Blessings!-Margie:)


  2. stride on soldier!! Thank You so much Eileen, coming from you, it was huge compliment! your voice reminds me of Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields)… and all yes, all the very best! 🙂


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