Divine Integration

I used to wonder, when people say “he’s got integrity”, what exactly is he integral with? Meaning… relative to what? There’s the world as we know it, and then there’s All that Is. My practice is to be integral with All That Is, and to be “in the world but not of it”. In the past it was a tricky thing. In the present it’s natural and easy.

People say, “Stay in the present moment”. What does that mean to them? I myself have found varying degrees of this experience. For example, when I write a song or a poem, or when I go running, I feel that I am ‘in the moment’. Time passes rapidly, and more accurately stated, there is no time. “No time like the present” – as they say. Creation seems to flow effortlessly through me and it is true bliss. Other times, during a dialoging of a ‘feelings aloud’ session, I will pop into a full-body, ecstatic bliss. I can’t move – wouldn’t want to. I then receive knowing messages that fill me and turn me into a sweet, buoyant jelly of laughter with streaming tears of joy. I am now linked with Source. I have come to prefer this kind of alliance over the false allegiance to a world that seemingly has no foundation in Love – for obvious reasons. So it is here that my mind is changed… rather I transcend the limitations or misunderstandings of the human mind, and all that it has become integral with, and turn my attention to a unification with the Greater View.

Yesterday morning this happened. I had visions with it too. As a result of these knowing visions I have great trust and faith in the goodness that is happening in this world that we share – by a network of benevolent, awakened souls. I guess I am a ‘roving reporter’ of sorts. Today I would like to broadcast this message:

Don’t worry so much. Amazing things are happening by legions of angelic humans who have been ‘stirred’ by this Divine, Universal sounding. And if you are not already, soon you will feel it and begin to move about in this world in conscious integrity with That Love. You will feel that permission to relax into the truth of who you are. Somewhere in there you may stop and notice, “Oh… this is what it feels like to be in the world but not of it”… and then you will go about your life. Grace will be born through you, and just a simple smile on your face will have the power to heal, to inspire, to uplift… to transform the world.

So relax. You can’t fix this dis-integrated world, but you can re-integrate with Source and walk “wholly” on this ground called Earth. I understand now why we wanted to be here on this planet at this particular time and space. All I can say is, wow… how blessed we are.

6 thoughts on “Divine Integration

  1. Eileen… i just visited all your sites… BEAUTIFUL!!! you could be my alter ego/ my higher self/ my soul sister…. or jus a friend… whoever, you are… you are amazing! p.s: have always wanted to be a songwriter, just that i cant sing :p


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