My View Today
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My view today has changed,
The past is but a memory
That I can barely reach.
I know I’ve traveled far,
But in the here and now
I can’t feel fatigue… thankfully.
I prayed for this,
But not in a usual way.
I just spoke to God and said,
“I ask for beauty, grace
And a place that I feel loved
And appreciated,
Just for being me.”
And it came.
I suppose I am an example now,
Of what is possible
When you’re strong enough
To let go of all
That they say is real,
And believe
In the silvery voice that says,
“You are unlimited…
You can do anything.”

7 thoughts on “My View Today

  1. Insight and wisdom is often spoken though not heard. Here we find a place where insight and wisdom can not only be read and listened to as a beautiful song but also we can hear in the author\’s own voice the tone, the sound and the meaning behind these words of beauty and simple grace


  2. Eileen, I\’ve listened to this several times now and am deeply moved but am still unable to express to you everything I would like other than my profound gratitude.


  3. Kimberly-Tree, I am touched by your response (and Robert too). It truly helps me to continue with my inspiration to create outside of the box. It\’s silly, I know, but I didn\’t allow myself to share things like this before because it wasn\’t \’marketable\’. In the past year or so I have learned to accept my \’unmarketability\’, which has given me great freedom and joy to just express what comes. And to be appreciated for it is a rich and delicious \’frosting on the cake\’, as they say. So thank you 🙂


  4. You\’re welcome, Eileen. I\’d like to believe that when artists are honest with themselves, and truthful in their visions they will meet with success. I know I\’m not the only one out there who would find this music and these words moving and inspiring.Please be true to yourself and the rest will follow!


  5. Listening to your beautiful voice as I read the same words you spoke brought tears to my eyes!So very beautiful!And, how can I begin to thank you for those wonderful words you left on my blog today… those words also brought me tears!Thank you!!Blessings always!-Margie:)


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