What’ll You Do With Me?

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OK. So I decided that I would get very ambitious and figure out how to share my musical poetry on my blog. It takes longer for me to figure out techie things (like putting an audio player on my blog) than it does to write and record a song! Ah well.

This is what I’ve been working on for the past few days. I use my beloved GarageBand software on my Mac Powerbook. It’s a wonderful tool for me to get my ideas down – then when the big bucks start rolling in I’ll head on over to a real studio to work with the professionals. 😉

It’s called, “What’ll You Do With Me?”. The clip above begins at the second verse and flows through the bridge and part of the end. I wrote down the words in poetry form as they landed in my consciousness a few weeks ago, and then it just sat there. These kinds of poems are in a category all their own. It seems to be coming from the perspective of the Goddess (if you will). I had forgotten about it until I ‘heard’ some music that seemed to want to ‘marry’ the words. It’s sort of a backwards way of writing a song, but I’ve learned to go with it.

Hope you like it!

9 thoughts on “What’ll You Do With Me?

  1. You go, Eileen! I struggle with getting a link on my blog and yours plays music! wow! I can\’t seem to listen to it at work though, so I\’ll definitely check it out at home.


  2. I LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing this, I think it\’s great! More specifically, it\’s uplifting and soothing at the same time with great lyrics to boot. You have such a lovely voice, Eileen.


  3. Well, I have to say I was listening to your music earlier outside and traffic was near and I felt wow. And now I\’ve listened in the quiet surroundings and I think it is beautiful and intelligent and spiritual and I feel roused for hearing it. Thanks for sharing this gift.


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