Out of Context

I’ve struggled with several non-poetic writings and cannot seem to make headway. So I sit down to just feel and write what comes fast and easy. Who knows what will come of my accumulating logical presentations. Perhaps they’ll land in the graveyard with a tombstone that reads, “Tried to be cerebral. Perhaps in another life.”

I used to be so good at being human,
Now I’m failing miserably.
What is being human?
My entire life
Is a testament to
And living,
In greater ways.
Every single day
I did beg,
To be inspired by something,
Or someone,
Who would own,
What he proclaimed.
But haven’t you noticed?
Beggars seem to be asking
For something more
Than a little change.
Giving up on neediness
Brings cosmic loads of gold,
And a heavenly sort of fame.

Yet a life out of context
Renders you unknown,
On the fringe of time,
Where God and angels roam.
Here you have no face to save
And you have no faith to lose!
So be one of those —
A bringer of Truth.
Carry the golden angel

6 thoughts on “Out of Context

  1. I also struggle with non-poetic posts. They just do not work for me.It all comes out in poetry.Wonderful post Eileen!The angels are all around us…I can feel them!Thanks for this and thanks for who you are!Margie:)


  2. I love that part about giving up on neediness.. which makes me think about looking for things outside of us and remembering that I need nothing from the outside it is all inside. The tombstone title makes me laugh :^P


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