Pretty Wings

Some caterpillars don’t see butterflies.
Back then,
When I saw and spoke of them,
They called me crazy,
Doomed to fantasize
About things
That will never be.
They told me to read more,
Go to school,
And then I’d see.
So now when I fly nearby
I take care,
Because I know for sure,
That ‘pretty wings’
Are far off things
In caterpillar
Oh but bless those souls
Who look up from the leaves,
They truly see.
And they have learned,
To quietly

4 thoughts on “Pretty Wings

  1. I must say that this is the song of our current age. It is in the nature isn\’t it – that personality disturbs the world of concordance and sameness. I understand why those things might be appealing in a world so filled with variety that it might cause upset to smooth running routines but your prose captures the heart of the matter. Perhaps we can learn to live with variety if we can accept the full beauty of its personality. Thank you for your personality.Goodlife.


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