Do You Honestly Think?

Can we honestly think anything?

HONEST comes via Old French honeste, from Latin honestas, from honestus. From it, English acquired honesty, whose application to the plants of the genus Lunaria was inspired by their nearly-transparent seedpods. [From the “The Dictionary of Word Origins”, John Ayto]

So here we see that honesty is about transparency of our seedpods – hiding nothing. Sounds kind of like the guy who got caught with his shorts down… and I’m sure when it comes to total honesty, it may feel that way to a lot of people! Thinking is an intellectual activity – by its very nature disconnected from the deeper touch-feel-know. Maybe that’s why so much of the time we feel that we live in two worlds – one is work or business, the other is home and family. One is lived primarily in the intellect; the other is (hopefully) in the heart. In the realm of the intellect it’s just easier to lie, or fool ourselves and others into ‘buying’ something that really isn’t for us. When we are honestly feeling or heart-centered it’s a lot tougher to lie and a lot easier to discern whether something is for us.

For the past few days Guidance has gently nudged me with clarifying reminders about this work that I do with feelings. I was reminded that the ‘feelings aloud’ work isn’t just about rattling off random feelings willy-nilly. Sometimes I forget to stress that Guidance has been emphasizing the honest voicing of feelings in any given now moment. This instantly narrows the possibility of drowning in a giant pool of yours (as well as others) intellectualized feelings and brings us quickly into lucidity and awareness of what’s going on with our own Soul Body in this moment. What are you honestly feeling right now? Name it. Then do it again (lather, rinse, repeat). And then again. You may be surprised at what you discover and where it quickly leads you if you stick with it. [An example of a feeling dialogue is on my other blog, “What I Know by Heart”]

I have been guided that our bodies and feeling nature are in the present moment, and it is the honest expression of what we are conscious of right now that lands us into that lucid state of communion – self meeting the Greater Self.

Thus, the way to a conscious connection with Creator/Source is honesty. I was also shown this:

honesty = innocence
innocence = doorway to Source
doorway to Source = awareness of equality with Source
awareness of equality with Source = stepping into Oneness
Oneness = freedom from the lie that we were ever outside of this in the first place!

Phil. 2:5, (KJV) Let this mind [knowing] be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: 6 Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God . . . .

Honest feelings are grounded in the body and grounded to Earth. I know it goes against all that we are conditioned to believe, but what I have found is that first of all we actually can know Creator while on Earth. Contrary to what you were taught, this wasn’t just a ‘special’ gift bestowed upon Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and many other enlightened beings that walked the planet. This is a gift for ALL of humanity. Secondly, the way to know the Creator and in turn BE your True Self with all of your talents and abilities in this world, is through honest feelings, grounded in your body, and grounded in Earth. Seems we may not actually be utilizing our bodies and feeling nature to their highest calling because we haven’t been fully here to discover it! We have been living primarily in the past or the future, which is an easy thing to do when you draw primarily from the intellect.

So the moral of the story is, we can’t really think our way to honesty, innocence or to God. It’s true, the intellect helps us to solve the many problems that arise while living within the more limited and separate view, but transformation and the resetting of our entire worldview from the idea of separation to the knowing of wholeness takes place in the heart.

Thank you to Tsjeu for use of the Lunaria photo.

5 thoughts on “Do You Honestly Think?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Clear and helpful, like a how-to for those who wish to be part of oneness. Also a helpful reminder for those who appreciate reminders that the path of the heart takes continual honesty. :^) Thanks.


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