And Now She’s Back… from Outer Space

I’m back from my trip, plus I took a bit of time to rest, restore and integrate my experiences. I want to thank those who posted their well wishes in the comments section of my blog. I found that it was good to take a break from the sense of pressure I sometimes experience about keeping up with my posts. It was healthy for me to let it all go and allow life to happen in other ways.

This morning I held a stone in my hand and I heard/felt,

“Change may occur when you are informed by your world (knowledge). Transformation will occur when you are informed by God (Wisdom).”

I was then shown a whole chart of how this works. It’s a bit overwhelming when these downloads occur, but I love them. I expect that it will take some time to translate it all. More material for the book I suppose.

I’m writing a new song today. I love it when it just ‘happens’. The continuing theme throughout most of my music is giving voice to the Feminine Spirit. I’m happy to pass these messages on through song and I must say that I do feel blessed to ‘hear’ and feel them. Even if I never share them with anyone, I find them healing and restorative… and sometimes rather blunt. Blunt is good in my book. I welcome a world with no BS.

I had a dream experience last night. It’s amazing how much more we know in these states. I found myself in front of a group of people and I was demonstrating how to dematerialize from this world and re-materialize in another. The interesting part of this phenomenon was that the ‘next world’ was only a hair’s breadth away from this world. In our minds we (humans) like to imagine other worlds being so far, far away. It’s really all right here – one slight tick and you’re in the next world. Anyway, I seemed quite knowledgeable about it all in the dream. Wonder where that all goes when I wake up? Or should I say, when I fall back asleep? Because in reality, for me, the more ‘awake’ world has always been the one during sleeptime or meditation.

Meanwhile, in the land of the mundane, I’ll keep writing songs and poetry, and wait for the scientist-me to join us when she’s ready.

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