This morning I stumbled into God,Thoughts and wordsFell intoEchoey crevasse.I wondered.Yet how can I still wonder here?Somehow we managed to talk.Why am I still aliveIn this water-starved world,A ghost of a mermaidSeen by none?God saidWow!A daughter stumbled here.

Do You Honestly Think?

Can we honestly think anything?HONEST comes via Old French honeste, from Latin honestas, from honestus. From it, English acquired honesty, whose application to the plants of the genus Lunaria was inspired by their nearly-transparent seedpods. [From the "The Dictionary of Word Origins", John Ayto]So here we see that honesty is about transparency of our seedpods … Continue reading Do You Honestly Think?

And Now She’s Back… from Outer Space

I'm back from my trip, plus I took a bit of time to rest, restore and integrate my experiences. I want to thank those who posted their well wishes in the comments section of my blog. I found that it was good to take a break from the sense of pressure I sometimes experience about … Continue reading And Now She’s Back… from Outer Space