The Language of God

I woke up with this blog title. It’s a simple message. The language of God and all of Nature is feeling. Period. I don’t just think this. I know. What I have discovered is that feeling leads to knowing. Yet how do I describe my process of discovery in words? It’s my ongoing dilemma. People will say, you’re an artist… that’s what artist’s do! They interpret creation! While I enjoy creating art, it’s not my permanent job to be translator for people who have the language skills within their own being to commune directly with God. And even if I do paint a picture, sing a song, or dance a story, will you see? Will you hear? I feel it’s a cop out to say that it’s the artists who will carry the heart for all of humanity. We’re getting tired. Tired of being poor and devalued. Tired of trying to get you to pay attention. Do you realize the courage it takes to say ‘no’ to the addictions of the the intellect? To follow the heart?

People talk about wanting to talk to God. God doesn’t speak in words. He/She speaks in feeling. Don’t be afraid to commune with the Creator. Don’t be afraid of your feelings. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, YOU can talk to God. It’s called communion, and that’s not just a church ritual. I’m talking about the real thing. You could start by communing with a tree, a stone, a river, a dragonfly, a squirrel. God is there. Ready? Set. Go!

I just want to say that I honor all artists everywhere. The ones who are artful, the ones who are heart-ful in every activity. You know who you are. Thank you for being the carrier of feeling; for translating the language of God to forgetful humans; for demonstrating what is possible and being the promise of more. I know ‘they’ said the job was temporary. Be patient. Soon you will relax into full acceptance of your own creative expression with no need to prove yourself to anyone. Why? How? Soon all of humanity will awaken from this intellectual dream. They will remember the one language again – Feeling and Knowing. Oh we’ll probably still use the intellect, but it won’t be the same. Grok?

Remember when the towers fell?
I do.
The world lit silent
For a spell.
It was a spell of heart,
Of power,
In the magic
Of timelessness.
And in our losing
Of all human sense,
God spoke
Just there,
In present tense.

Deep in the heart
Of all hearts,
We know there is no death.
So let us recognize
Their parting gift.
And die
To the illusion of time,
In every waking moment
Be alive!
Choose not fear
And terror
As disguise,
As cover
For your own

Even if it was
Just one
Humanity met.
And yet,
Need it be so harsh?
Forcing blows may
Rock the soul
But there are better roads
To time-less-ness.
We could choose laughter,
Time stops all the same.
In-breath or out,
There is feeling
Touching taste,
Of what it is
To rouse,
The Greater Self

4 thoughts on “The Language of God

  1. Thank you for honoring the artists. I hope that you are on the list. And, yes, we are tired of being devalued. Wanna create value for ourselves? ;^)Yeah, and the part about trying to make others hear… ain\’t it the truth? Oh, my, I\’ve got some writing to do. :^)


  2. Whew! Learning to value myself has been the biggest challenge of all! …getting better tho. Hope you are too. Looking forward to your next post Steve! Thanks for stopping by.


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