And Now a Few Words from our Sponsor…

A Channeled Response 6/23/06

[Note: The first paragraph was actually a tail-end excerpt of a purely personal message for me. I had questions about what channeling actually is, and how to explain channeling to those who have never heard of it, or have preconceived ideas about it. I have my usual clarifying notes in brackets.]

“…like water or wind. There is a focus of intention to surround or envelop the element, to give it direction in its pouring in, in its streaming in. In learning this technique, this approach of channeling, it does take time for human to adapt, to become vehicle… an intentional vehicle of this pouring through. There is some confusion initially in this practice as to how much the mind is invited into this form of communion. Each channel will find their own comfort zone as you say. Some do have more of a degree of mind and thought involved in their connection. This [referring to my channeling] is example of embracing the feeling nature and allowing the streaming in, and the interpretation thereof, of these insights. It is insight on the part of the human, for insight implies translation. There is [such a thing as] pure wisdom. There is pure love. There is pure truth. It is the energy of Creation. Artists are given some permission by community to translate. And some have the courage to translate without a great deal of support and encouragement. This has been difficult for human. Thus you have this character identity of the tortured artist, for there is much pain in attempting to translate what has been termed the ‘unknown’ to other humans. [Other humans who have more of an intellectual orientation.]

…So how does one communicate with Creation? We are doing it in this moment. In this moment your intention was to translate with words. Creation IS. And is available at all times to all beings.

Humans have a very unique perspective, a unique creation, a unique design in which to explore consciousness. For the design is one that implies disconnect from Creation. It wasn’t always this way with the design for human. This [what we experience today] is where human has evolved from their original intention, their original design. Initially humans were aware – conscious aware beings in form, yet not as densely formed as you are in these times on your planet. There was functional design, beauty in the design, and purpose was inherent within the creation. Purpose was not found outside the creation of this being. This [idea of inherent purpose] is what you now refer to as present moment. For in the present moment there is no question about your purpose, about your gifts, about your capacities for fulfillment. It is all inherent and residing in the present.

Enlightenment is simply a happening, described or translated to the best of the experiencer’s ability, of a present-moment awareness. When one becomes aware in present tense, one recalls their connection to All that they are, and they become aware of the power that is available to them in that ‘flash’, as it has been described. And you are literally changed from that point on, for you now have in-formed your body that this is possible once again, for [full] consciousness to be present in physicality. Once the body is reminded, injected with this divine fluid, there is no turning back, as you say. It is an impossibility to return to the [perception of a] disconnected state, for in that moment of enlightenment you have fused your once-categorical mind into the spirit-mind-body blend. In this fusion, the Oversoul if you will, returns to whatever degree it is invited into the life. [In other words] the grounding for this once-separate self is now available. There is container; there is channel for it.

Now. There has been in your past experience mention of enlightened beings separating themselves from the masses. There must be the time and the space, the solitude, in order to integrate and to strengthen this infusion of Soul. For the Being has been born; the Being is actually alive on earth for the first time. This is what has been termed being ‘born again’ on your planet. This is a time to be gentle and patient with the needs of the newborn. Now in your society, in your [western] culture, in this modern day in which you find yourselves within, there are not so many of the role models, or examples of enlightenment. You have your examples in your mind’s reference far, far, far away in the East… the place where the enlightened ones reside. Do you see? That’s how you have assigned enlightenment culturally. This speaks loudly of your culture’s distancing from this potential, from this possibility. Therefore, the enlightened ones you have within your very culture go unrecognized.

It is a big assignment, do you see, to invite this experience within the western culture. For the way you have designed your lives is one of distraction, to say the least. Your flurries of activity, your busy lives assuredly prevent this connection with the Oversoul. Yet if there is a desire for the infusion, for the memory of your total identity, then it will be so. But you must not concern yourself with timelines [or expectancy], do you see? Should one be desirous of the reconnection, the remembrance of your totality, then a discipline of intention would be advised. This could come in many, many, many forms – move in the direction that you are drawn. In discipline, what is meant from this view, is not necessarily so much of the existing rituals [from the past], for truly the creation of your own physical rituals would be more powerful at this time. By discipline, what is meant here is; that in each activity within the practice that you choose you are restating your intention to know, to be alive, to be present. This may take the form of moving meditation or still meditation. It may take the form of physical exercise. It may take the form of mantra, chanting, toning, and it may take other forms that humans are introducing now into your realm. It matters not, as long as the form feels comfortable to you. With each disciplined practice, voicing your intentions would be advised. What do you want? For there must be a container of intention. There must be the invitation for this transformational experience to occur in your lives.

Now the big question that has rung out into the ethers from Planet Earth is, ‘where will I find the time to do that?’ Simple. Where you begin is right where you are. You are busy in your office and you recognize that it is not fulfilling to you. Then you begin there. Take a moment for yourself, whether it is at your place of work, or if it is when you arrive at home. Close the door. Be alone. Lock it if you must. And say out loud,

“I choose to be fulfilled in this life. I welcome this. I know that there is more to who I am, and I invite this loving Being into my life here and now. I am willing for my life to change benevolently for myself and for those around me, in order to achieve this balance, this peace that I know is possible.”

Do you see what we are saying about beginning right where you are? There is the perception that you have your work life, you have your home life, you have your recreational life, you have your spiritual life. There are so many categories of human now that you do not allow yourself to be your spiritual self at work, or your recreational self with your spiritual self, and so on. You are intending to fuse all of these benevolent qualities of yourself. That is the whole idea! So begin right where you are. For that is where the present moment is accessed, and this is where your so-called ‘enlightenment’ flows through – into present moment. There is no reason anymore, at this point now in time, for humans to procrastinate. And why would you choose to procrastinate the fullness, the wisdom, the skills the talents that are yours? The reason that we would perceive that procrastination would occur is the fear of your world and your life [as you know it] falling apart. Know that the parts that no longer serve you and no longer serve those around you will fall apart and fall away. But wouldn’t that be part of your intention anyway?

Transformation is occurring at this time in your evolution, whether you consciously choose to participate or not. The joy, the ecstasy, the fulfillment is available to humans right now. Many of you have already experienced this, or tastes of it, as you say. For you are practicing present-moment life on your planet now. It is being done. It is being demonstrated. And you will see evidence of this in the coming three years on your planet. An explosion of consciousness, an explosion of awareness, an explosion of joy – a renaissance like none other witnessed on your planet. Invite it now. There is no more waiting.

So in this way, enlightenment is not the last step on your path of evolution; it is the beginning. We thank you for welcoming this stream of wisdom. We thank you for channeling it into your lives. Good day.”

2 thoughts on “And Now a Few Words from our Sponsor…

  1. Artists are given some permission by community to translate. And some have the courage to translate without a great deal of support and encouragement. This has been difficult for human. Thus you have this character identity of the tortured artist, for there is much pain in attempting to translate what has been termed the \’unknown\’ to other humans. [Other humans who have more of an intellectual orientation.]This is the part that resonates most with me. It makes me think how wonderful those who create truly are. Like one friend has said, just be-ing an artist is a success in itself.Thanks for the post.


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