So You’re Enlightened. Now What?

I was made aware this morning that enlightenment is really not the ultimate goal here on Earth. Believe it or not, many people walking the planet now are enlightened. It is the integration of enlightenment into our everyday lives and communities that is the exciting challenge of the day.

Draw up your image reference for a guru or holy man in the East. More often than not he is sitting in a cave, deep in meditation, far from everyday distractions. This is good. His/Her presence in this way is a great service to us all – in ways we may never know or need to know.

Many of us have retreated over the past several years, like a monk in a cave, consciously or unconsciously separating ourselves from our family, friends; and most importantly, the image we have held about who we are. So it’s been awhile. We are changed. We have seen and felt more of ourselves now. Some may stay here and be the ‘knower in the cave’. And some will emerge. We’re heading down the mountain now and not only mingling with the masses, but also staying there, being in the world but not of it… being present, no matter what is happening around us.

Now that’s a challenge! Thankfully we have had several teacher/demonstrators in the world to inspire us… to show us ‘the way’ this is done.

Today there are thousands of enlightened beings amongst us who walk down the mountain everyday to work, shop, play… and smile at you. Sometimes they feel alone with their joy; alone with the magic of Life; alone with their gifts. Can you imagine? No one has proclaimed them ‘enlightenened’, nor do they require it… but they do seek community. Perhaps you may smile back.

Let’s begin to speak who we are… out loud. Let’s make our mark right where we stand. You are not alone. And if you do not feel welcome here, then be the first to welcome your Self into this experience on Earth. Believe that you will be met, right where you are. Be bold enough to be who you are in THIS world, rather than waiting until some future imagined and distant place where you can relax and be large. I believe that this is how we will create a New Earth – a new community of wholly enlightened beings.

So it seems reaching the highest peak and planting our flag of ‘the enlightened state’ is not the highest accomplishment on Earth after all. Even conquering mountain climbers eventually come back down the mountain, forever changed by the transcendental experience of it all. So if you meet a mountain climber, you may ask them about their ‘peak’ experience, and more than likely they will be happy to share. But if you’re really attentive, you may be privy to the biggest secret of all. They did not leave that mountain peak behind, off in the distance or in the past, but rather they carry the mountain with them now, radiating the power and magnificence of their own ultimate experience of “IT’ wherever they go, and through whatever they do.

I remember the late 80’s/early 90’s when the pervasive proclamation amongst many new-agers (including myself) was, “I’m on my way to enlightenment and once I hit that mark baby, I’m outta here!”

Oops. Wrong again. While some may physically move on to a new focus, into other places, into other forms, having other experiences as we do; in pure consciousness we all remain present, perhaps never really going anywhere.

In whatever play
We find our role to be,
Do we accept it
What if we climbed high
And saw the stage
In its entirety?
I know that once we do
We are changed by the view.
I wonder then,
Does the play change too?

2 thoughts on “So You’re Enlightened. Now What?

  1. Thank you, your blog made me smile and happy. The part about not being alone is powerful… what beautiful powerful truth and what wonderful reassurance to know we are not doing this alone. Hooray for enlightened service!


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