Reorientation to the Natural World

Natural World – Channeled Response 06/14/06

Yes. You are able to perceive now the distance that the Natural World beings have felt in relation to humans for centuries on this planet – living in close proximity yet with an experience and perception of distance.

Just as the Natural World is on the receiving end of human reaching and calling to connect, you are experiencing other humans reaching now to you through the barrier from your past orientation, and they are doing so of their own accord. They have found you, and they are communicating with you. There is reason for this. They may not necessarily consciously grasp the importance of the connection that they have made – not just in your case with your own personal story, but connections now being made with others who have made their journey and have arrived into their new orientation on this planet as resident of the Natural World.

Now there are humans who are aware of their residence in the Natural World with varying degrees of consciousness. You [Eileen] have been in a position in what you have created and what you have asked for, to have the time and the focus in this way to solidify, to root yourself more firmly in the Natural World orientation. For you are in understanding that this will be much of your work and service in this world – to be ambassador of sorts to those who have the interest in living more fully in this world – in form. And yet you still feel the jarring sense when your past orientation bumps up against your new orientation. It is simply that you are presented with a question in this case. Do you have an interest in returning to a more intellectual orientation of life? You see in these moments, you are given an opportunity to reaffirm where you choose to be rooted. Your panic, as you say, results from this question. Now you are to some degree reviewing within yourself your own commitment to this more natural way of life. It is still viewed to some degree as a ‘this world and that world’, where in fact that is not completely true. It is not that you never speak to people from your past again or never do business again or never socialize in that way. What it does mean though is, how much have you strengthened in your new orientation? Enough so to stand firm and allow this new sense of orientation and fulfillment to be communicated to others? There has been, in your old orientations, fear and judgment for not fitting in. This plays a part as well. The old patterns are reintroduced so that you may continue, as we have said, to reaffirm your new position.

You are, when presented with a call in this way from your old self’s world, you are being given opportunity to stay in the present moment and speak from this place. Now in the present moment, it is not always clear ahead of time what will come through your mouth, for it is present moment. There is no planning. There is no strategizing. There is no image to fulfill or be consistent with. This, in the way you have presented here, is jarring initially. You will get through this stage, especially when you continue your re-affirmations. The words will come, the feelings will be present and you may find an entirely new world when it comes to solutions in personal relating as well as business relations. Be willing to rest in your residency in the Natural World and you will find an abundance of resource, creative solutions, new understandings, new approaches, new insights that will demonstrate to those who have bridged and called you, that you are in fact in a wonderful new place that inspires them. For that is the key here.

When you are firmly rooted in your new residency, you are in a position to manifest and demonstrate in physical form that these newly acquired skills and insights are demonstrable in this world. And as you know, this is a requirement for most people now on the planet. They must see in physical form how this works and that it has value. Do not put pressure upon yourself for you are taking this one step at a time and sharing what you have learned, what you now understand, having crossed this threshold into the more truthful, natural self. There is much in this way to share with others. You not only support each other in your varying stages of conscious rooted-ness in the Natural World, but you serve as inspiration, a beacon for those who have reached you, connected with you from the past. This is in fact how you heal the past from this present place of orientation – both on an individual level as well as a collective level. In the present moment you discover the treasure that you have all been seeking, unlimited resource for living the fulfilling lives that you choose. And your gift, as well as many others who have found their way to the present-moment orientation in the Natural World, is to reveal to any who come within your consciousness and your physical being, that there is a far more productive, fulfilling, and peaceful way of living on this planet that brings riches and success far beyond what the intellect can offer.

Practice with the breath in staying present as you do, and with feelings. You may find, as you have already done in many cases, that you are staying in the feeling realm while communicating with the past in this way, receiving your insights and communicating this from the feeling orientation. And yet, you are making sense – which is something that you have been conditioned and taught throughout your lives on this planet is not possible. You have been taught that feelings have no value to the business world, and to the ‘Real World’. Humans are in for a big surprise, as you say, when they realize and come into full understanding of what the Real World truly is. For you have all been collectively settling on a very limited view and definition of the Real World. The intellect is of great service to humans, but it is not the Real World. The Real World is feeling and intellect blended in an interactive and harmonic resonant balance. Yet humans must first restore their feeling nature, which may appear to be out of balance initially with the intellect. Once the feeling nature is restored to its fullness and the healing has been complete in regard to the past orientation, the intellect can be reintroduced into the system as servant to the heart – just a slight adjustment in orientation for humans on Planet Earth. We do not mean to make light of this in this way, but it truly is a slight adjustment from the larger view.

Again, it is important at this time to ask for support on all levels when you are reorienting to the Natural World and reorienting to the feeling nature. That support will be present if asked for. As in the case with this channel, successful reorientation has not occurred without the letting go of the attachments and expectations from the past, and not without the continuous asking for help and support in all ways, in every area of human existence. This, as we have said so many times, is key. Ask for what you need, feel with passion and movement of energy within the body in your asking. When this passion and feeling is present in your request, in your truth and in all sincerity, you will see and experience the manifestation of what you ask for in benevolent ways.

The more of you who make this choice to reestablish your identity and residency with the Natural World, the more of you will be visible to those who have need to see the benevolence of this new choice demonstrated in form, and the more rapidly you will transform your world. Thank you for inviting our participation in this way.

[Note: This channeled post is in response to the question posed at the end of “Telephone Call from Another Planet“]

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