It’s Only Natural!

I was doing a bit of research today for my ongoing book project and came across a transcription for a channeling I did in Santa Fe, New Mexico last year. I do welcome (and sometimes require!) encouraging and supportive words from these angelic beings in order to ‘keep on keeping on’ with this work. I thought I’d share excerpts from this session that made me feel more comforted about what the heck is happening in this changing self and changing world!

Shalumai – Group Session 09/25/05
Unedited with added [clarification] in brackets

We are here now to assist human in recalling their natural self – not as words, not as concepts, but as actual experiential feeling in form. You have been involved in an experiment of sorts. You have decided to create the experience of being separate from everything else. That is a very simplified way of putting this, and you have used the intellect in which to do this. You have created a mental dream and you are projecting your identities into this dream. At this time, the dream is dissolving away. You are seeing evidence of this in your world now, in your current events. This is not due to the angels or the ETs or God or Goddess saying, “Sorry. Time’s up! You are not permitted to have your dream anymore!” It is not that at all. Rather, this that you are watching in your outer world dissolving away is [happening] because you have withdrawn your allegiance to this dream, to a degree that you see evidence of it in your everyday world, your everyday life – not only in a personal sense, but in your collective activities as well. This is the timing that is designed ahead of time to reintroduce the wholeness of your being. You have the most extraordinary opportunity now to step into the wholeness of your being, to step into the golden self, to step into your grail self. Yes, this is referred to as the feminine energy. It is referred to at times as kundalini. It is magnetic in nature.

We are here at this time to assist humans in taking that next step, for we will be working with those… we will be drawing into the circle here those beings who have been working, opening their eyes, realizing that there is more [here] than the dream! And you have all been very creative in the ways that you have set yourself up to awaken. And we congratulate you for being here at this time, for being in that state of knowingness. You know that it is time. You know that there are more possibilities for living a benevolent and fulfilling life than you ever thought possible. You are getting glimpses now, are you not? The dilemma now, as we see it, is that you do not fully realize in this moment that you are creators… in training, I might add. You have these abilities available to you right now, and yet you find yourselves experimenting with that a bit, playing around with it saying, ‘Oh could this be? Could I actually manifest something? Oh no!” And many times you find yourself falling back into the old patterns, which I might add are a lot more painful now when you do slip. Is this not true in your experience? You are not giving yourselves permission to lolly-gag around in those places and in those ways that no longer serve you, so you create the idea of pain and illness and accident, confusion. These are the signs that show, that announce, to all of the beings that peek into your world at this time, that you are awakening! You are taught to judge yourselves and condemn yourselves for these creations, these creations of pain and illness. My dear friends, this is what you have designed [for yourselves] to awaken at this time. I am here to encourage you with the idea and the knowing that you do not need to hang out in these places for long, for there is enough of the balancing energy, enough of the supportive, benevolent energies now that are present here for you to invite into your lives to support you in creating the lives that you wish to create at this time.

Now many of you have changed a great deal so you are not necessarily wanting to live out the dreams that you used to have – dreams in this sense of what you would like to create in your lives. It is a timing now to let go of all of the pain, all of the suffering, and even all of the hopes and wishes that were attached to the old being – the being you are letting go, for you are walking across this bridge now into your new self, and you are supported in doing this. You are not alone. Many of you have more than likely felt very alone at times. It is learning to become conscious in the moment of what you need…what you are feeling…what you need and then asking for what you need. It is as simple as that. It is a matter of choice. If you wish to stay in pain because you feel there are more messages there, there is no judgment there either. You stay where you need to stay to receive the gifts that you need to receive and then you will know when it is time to be more fully yourself, for your future selves are now blending with you – your natural self, your source self, but only if this self is consciously invited in to live the life. This being meets you in the present moment. This being that you are cannot find you when you live in the past or when you live in the future. This light self finds you in the present moment. Present moment can be accessed through pain – or [through] joy, laughter, and ecstasy.

So the Natural World is ready and willing at this time to demonstrate to you what it feels like to be that natural being that you are. This will open doorways within you so that you know within your body what this feels like. You will have a resonant identification with this so that you will have something to build upon as you practice in your world, in what you have created here, to be a natural being. This is a reversal of sorts – as you know – and it need not be painful and confusing if you are willing to open and welcome these natural energies back into your consciousness. Much of what you will feel is in the body. I cannot stress this enough. These are NOT ideas. You have been conditioned from day one to NOT feel. Feeling is how you will KNOW in these times, when you watch your [dream] world crumbling. Are you bringing the balance back in to your life so that you can hear, you can see, you can smell, touch, taste? Do you see? You are inviting your Divine senses back into your experience here, on Earth.

2 thoughts on “It’s Only Natural!

  1. Hi. I am stopping by for the second time and enjoy your posts. I got your link from Robert Shapiro\’s Benevolent Magic page and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog. In this particular post, I am thankful for the comfort that the words provide. Thank you.Steve


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