I have been resting and living very quietly these past few days, although I did manage to be somewhat productive by cleaning up computer files and backing up important data. I happened across a poem that I wrote in February of this year. It was in response to a question that came from an online correspondence. She innocently asked me, “So what do you do?”. Good question. This poem was all I could come up with.

My Self

I strengthen now
For I have just been born anew
Birthed wholly into this world
My Self has managed through

This One
Does not light
On anything known
For undue length of time
But rather lives on both
Feet and wings
A bridge to nameless things

If you require
The comfort of title
I am weaver I suppose
End to end
Back and forth
Then round again

Until there is no sign
Of Earth and Sky
But One beloved
Completely safe
To be

© Eileen Meyer

4 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Hi, Eileen!You are a Wordsmith (what is that? I don\’t know)! What I\’m trying to say is you are \”word talented\”…an amazing poet, song writer, blogger, etc.; not to mention an articulate and eloquent speaker! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.Kirsten


  2. How wonderfully kind you are Kirsten. Thank you. I\’m pretty sure blogging has given us all permission to locate and project our voices. How great is that? I for one have been the quiet little girl in the background for most of my life. Pandora\’s Box comes to mind… he he.


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