Natural World in Response…

[Note from Eileen: I kept getting little messages this morning before channeling that something was shifting and that my channeling may feel a little different. Indeed it was different. The words came very slowly and it felt like the center of the connection occurred in my belly, or at least there was an anchoring or grounding feeling there. It felt great.]

(Collective Voice of the) Natural World/ 06/03/06

[Collectively] up to this point, humans have been residing within the structured grid of the intellect. All of your resources come from what is known. The grid is large. There is much of the grid to explore and to discover. There is much knowledge on the grid. There are even records kept within the grid of all of your knowledge on Earth. This has been named ‘Akashic’. Some other names have been given as well.

You have observed in your world that history repeats itself. In other words, same story… different characters… scenery changes… props change as well. Nonetheless, you are reaching the place of saturation now. You have explored this container, this grid. This is where your phrase ‘true to form’ becomes applicable [referring to previous post]. You have chosen to live only within the consciousness of the grid. This is not a punishment to live on the grid. You have simply come to completion of this exploration – living in this way with this limitation. Just as you are now exploring what lies off the grid. A few humans, comparatively speaking, have been slipping through the cracks so to speak, into the experience of ‘off the grid’. You have your homes that you build off the grid. In other words, you are finding resource in the feminine. You are finding resource with what is natural. You are recalling your residency within the Natural World. You have many other [Natural World] residents here on your planet who live side by side with you, beneath you, and above you. These are present-moment, off-the-grid beings… teachers to demonstrate a different way of life – that they do find quite rewarding and fulfilling, I might add.

It is always good for humans to have the physical reference points for their understanding. You have designated a schedule of sorts for the closing of this life on the grid experience. And that is, what is in indigenous [wisdom] terms, the end of a cycle. You have your grid resources that provide for the timing – speaking primarily of your Mayan Calendar and Hopi Prophecy with the closing of one world and opening to another. This is information that was left on the grid for you so that you would have these markers, so that when you begin to feel the resurgence of the Feminine, rising up through your grid, that you would have some framing for the occurrences, for the changes within you, within your body, and of course your world. What has been left as markers on the grid are gifts from your ancestors, for you have been coming in, coming out…coming in and coming out.

With the Feminine rising to meet you, it may feel like the rising tide, and the lines of your grid lattice will seem to disappear beneath the rising tide. [I saw the gridlines being swallowed up under my feet like rising waters pushing up through the holes of a taut fishing net.] This communication [this new way of channeling for me] and others is not connecting with you through the grid. It is connecting with you in the rising tide. It is safe. It is Home. It is the Natural World.

Your question of safety… when the rising waters lift you, you may become fearful as one choice. The other choice is to allow your self to feel the buoyancy of your own spirit and to allow these waters to gently hold you, lift you and move you in directions that will serve you in your growing understanding, in your growing wisdom in form. For literally you will no longer be in-formed by the grid. You will be in-formed by Love, by the Feminine, by All That Is. So there is more safety in allowing the waters to carry you than in clinging to the grid and the expectations within the grid. In this way, you will demonstrate to others that this is how you have all chosen to end this cycle, end this world – by letting go of all that you know and allowing the wisdom and resource of the Feminine to flow in and carry you to Union, to the memory of your equality with All That Is. The grid no longer serves you and yet has been of great service to you in your growth, in your practice as creator beings. Those who welcome the feeling nature of them selves will be more accustomed to the feeling of these waters when they come. This is why this work with feelings is drawing more interest and will continue to do so in your world, as well as your connection to Nature – your teachers of the feeling language.

Does not serve you to continue with expectations of others in the context of the grid. Let go of expectation of others and you will find others will naturally let go of expectations of you. Present moment story is quite unlike the grid stories, and it will be your blessing and your joy and your fulfillment to practice being resident of the Present Natural World. We are unable to give you examples, reference points, at this moment in time. For you are attached to the grid, collectively speaking. You will seek matches for whatever we offer in words. You will seek that on your grid, which keeps you attached to the grid. The bridging will occur by feeling your way Home. Allow yourselves to feel our welcoming; the celebration of your homecoming. We await your full, conscious arrival. Thank you.

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