Ecstatic Micturition: Being Divinely Human

micturate /’mik che rate’/
verb [intrans.] formal

Yes. I used my thesaurus to find something more pleasant sounding, but how ’bout that juxtaposition?

I was dialoging this morning (speaking my feelings aloud) and all of what I was feeling reduced itself to the above title’s feeling imagery. Not only that, it relates to an actual physical experience in my life. This down-to-earth presentation captures the essence of, and I feel encapsulates the very real and larger conundrum I encounter in the ongoing evolution of divine human-ness: How to be and maintain the ecstatic frequency of Love in human form and still function in the existing paradigm of this world. Or rather, how do we be ‘in the world and not of it’?

In all of our examples of the ‘spiritual’ here on earth, at least with what I have been presented with, the Divine and the human are placed in either/or categories. In our rapid acceleration now into Divine Human, we are being asked to live and be an equal blend of both in some sort of practical, harmonious and symbiotic form. How many role models have you had to demonstrate this foreign concept? I suppose if you live in the eastern world, maybe you’ve had a few more examples, but I live in modern-day America.

Perhaps you are wondering about my ecstatic pee. Actually I have experienced it several times in my life, and when it did occur, the particulars leading up to the culminating event went something like this:

Come late afternoon or early evening, I begin to feel a tingling sensation in my body. It is most concentrated around my lips, the tips of my fingers, my heart, and the top of my head. I feel magnetic, and I can even perceive a metallic sort of ‘taste’ in my mouth. After experiencing this enough times, I would recognize the preliminary signs and announce to myself, or to whomever shared intimate space with me at the time, that ‘there was going to be a visit tonight’. The translation of this to my significant other was that unusual events were about to occur; to not be surprised when they do; and you still have time to run.

Now you may be wondering, ‘a visit by whom?’ I don’t know really. Up until a few years ago I called them ETs – a convenient framework because it was a known one (albeit esoteric), and my presenting symptoms seemed to reasonably match the presenting definitions, so I went with it – for awhile anyway.

One big difference though. I was not in fear in these interactions. I was in full-blown ecstasy. Imagine awakening into the vibration of body bliss that puts the very best of human sexuality to shame. It was pure feeling, word-less union. Not a shred of worry, pain, confusion, sadness, or any other human heaviness could survive in this state of utter completeness. Even the person that I know as Eileen did not survive. I was swallowed up into the luxuriating bosom of the Mother of All where there was no wanting; no need; nothing but Absolute Genuine Love.

And then I had to pee.

I managed to ignore the full-bladder alert for a while, diving back into the arms of bliss for another round of glorious Oneness. After all, if one is dancing with pure and Heavenly Love, why on Earth would one be placed in the embarrassing position of having to excuse oneself for a pee?

Because one IS on Earth.


The first few times this happened, the ecstatic connection was broken as I begrudgingly delivered my body to the bathroom for its simple little pleasure of release. I, on the other hand, felt a distinct sense of failure in having to pull myself away from the highest form of pleasure I had ever known in order to supervise this less-than-spiritual event. Or was it?

Fortunately I had many more times to experience this and had practice in maintaining bliss while performing vitally necessary bodily functions. Now you may find it humorous, but it gave me hope. It gave me hope because this was an actual physical, feeling demonstration that my spiritual consciousness could, and does, include my physical body.

Ecstatic micturition today. Tomorrow the world!

Question for channeled guidance: The paradox between the seemingly separate human and divine is revealing itself in every area of life now. After returning to what we call ‘everyday consciousness’, the dreaded and habitual states of worry, doubt, confusion and fatigue have a tendency to suck us back into tight spaces. Any tips on how one maintains bliss while in form? And how to quickly re-call our true nature in those forgetful times?

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