Big Giant Love

Words alone aren’t enough anymore. Actually, they were never enough for me. I have been what you might call a ‘mis-fit’ throughout life, and I mean it in the most affectionate of ways. Feeling people haven’t always felt like they belonged here. Feeling people swim between letters, words and paragraphs. I was in-formed by Love that words, spoken with feeling, are the key to healing our past wounds as well as the power behind creating a whole new life and world. And not only that, our physical body follows suit by taking the form of a happy, healthy, whole human being.

I have created this blog to demonstrate how powerful spoken feelings can be in one woman’s life. This is about initiating my own inner transformation before another outer transformation has a chance to knock me silly; taking charge of my own creations; speaking my feelings; listening and hearing my own body’s messages; harnessing magic and using it to manifest all that I want and need in this life; and welcoming that which I, and others, say that we want but heretofore have unconsciously blocked. I believe that this is what we have actually feared the most – Love.

Love is here, and getting louder, larger, closer, ka-BAM! I don’t recommend standing in the way of it. Unless you’ve opened your doors and made room for it, it could turn your whole man-made, intellectual world upside down. You thought you knew what love was? Think again…or rather, don’t think at all. FEEL. This is the Divine Feminine. Surprise! The Grail is here. Not at a theatre near you, but IN YOU. And She wants to meet you now…in FORM!

Are you ready?

I say be proactive. Clear the way. Welcome Her.

My history of contact with the Divine Feminine is being compiled into a manuscript. (The beginnings of it are here: “What I Know By Heart”). Perhaps it will be published someday. Perhaps it is simply my own creative exercise in validating and bridging the gifts of the past into the conscious present. All I know is I need to start writing from the present moment now. So just in case you don’t have time to read my blog book, here is the chronological gist of my story in order to provide some sort of context for my ‘here and now’ sharing of daily insights along the feeling way.

Childhood – Big Giant Love. Natural.
Body grows bigger as life grows smaller.
Adulthood – Big Giant Love. Scary. Foreign. Strange.
Wow. Was that an ET?
Busy world. Uncomfortable. Masked. Tired.
Where do I fit in? Lost myself.
Sad, mad, disconnected, lonely, tortured artist.
Big Giant Love.
Remember! Oh it’s so beautiful!!!! ….That wasn’t real. Was it?
What is real?
Searching other eyes. Do they know Big Giant Love?
OK. So I’m different. Maybe it’s good?
Wrote songs, poems, journals.
Forgot again.
Big Giant Love.
Remember again!!! Breathtaking!!! …I’m thinking it’s real. Could it be real?
Too many feelings moving, churning, bigger, louder…
Felt them all.
Said them out loud. Healed.
Continue to feel them and say out loud. Healing.
Remembering Love…most of the time.
Sweet emptiness.
Big Giant Love.
Wow. Big Giant Love is me/I.
Ohhhhh…is this what they’ve been calling God?
Embodiment of Divinity. SHE.
Not what I THOUGHT it would be like at all.
Divine Human.
I Am.
I see YOU because I see ME.
You are another me.
What a lovely world.

This list was off-the-cuff and I may have inadvertantly left out a few headings in the outline of my story, but you get the idea. The essence of my gift to you is that it’s OK to feel out loud. Really. And it’s not only OK, it’s the way to an ecstatic experience of All That Is. It’s very simple really. The Grail is not OUT there. Your search for the Grail is over when you invite it IN and accept your own ‘wholiness’.

It’s OK to talk to your SELF. Talk to All of Creation. All of Creation answers and welcomes you back into the Natural World. There is no questioning, anger or blame here. Just ‘welcome home’. I was blessed to have Creation reach out to me in numerous spontaneous mystical happenings throughout my life. I thought I was crazy. I had no encouragement or support to own it so I suppressed it, ignored it, asked it to go away. Thank Goddess she didn’t give up on me. My life finally makes sense…because I’m using all of my senses now. I continue to be blessed because I have ongoing help in my restoration to fullness. I have learned to access this Greater Wisdom whenever I feel the need. It comes through me in the form of inspiring energy, words and song and assists me in closing the gap between my self and my Self. I’m happy to share in this way, what is being given to me.

I continue to use words – to bridge. That’s what bloggers do. But this is only until we all feel and fully KNOW our Self, God in Form, Goddess. Some of our greatest spiritual teachers came here to demonstrate the feminine principle and wanted us to know that the embodiment of Love for all humans is possible in the coming times.

And that time is now.

2 thoughts on “Big Giant Love

  1. Welcome to the present and someone I channel also wants to give you a message:\”Greetings, this is Isis. Thank you for welcoming yourself and others to the present existence of greater reality. It is not only welcoming that you have done so but appreciated because you are revealing your process to this present and more importantly you are revealing, to the best of your ability in words, your capacity to do so. Thank you. Please continue in the most benevolent way. I\’m sure you will. Goodlife.\”


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