Ecstatic Micturition: Being Divinely Human

micturate /'mik che rate'/verb [intrans.] formalurinateYes. I used my thesaurus to find something more pleasant sounding, but how 'bout that juxtaposition?I was dialoging this morning (speaking my feelings aloud) and all of what I was feeling reduced itself to the above title's feeling imagery. Not only that, it relates to an actual physical experience in … Continue reading Ecstatic Micturition: Being Divinely Human

Big Giant Love

Words alone aren't enough anymore. Actually, they were never enough for me. I have been what you might call a 'mis-fit' throughout life, and I mean it in the most affectionate of ways. Feeling people haven't always felt like they belonged here. Feeling people swim between letters, words and paragraphs. I was in-formed by Love … Continue reading Big Giant Love