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My Visitors reached me through a vast field of loving energy presence. It’s the language of resonance. I now reach out to you through my life story as well as through frequency messages that I learned (or somehow already knew) how to decode. I still don’t understand how it works, but I can share with you what they taught me about adapting to Source frequency, becoming whole again, and meeting
the rest of our Selves and our greater communities.” 

Eileen Meyer, Author of Koyopa Contact Within: The Plumed Serpent Rises

Our Original Creator is a Field of Love that runs through everything – including us. This Pure Light & Sound wants us to know that in any new present moment,
we have the power to restore the quintessence of our original design.
We are wired to be informed by this Light – directly.

Welcome to the rest of yourSELF

I am happy you are here. I do things differently. I always have. What I share may not sound familiar to all that you’ve been told from the world, but know that your body will be familiar with it. Your body is ecstatic when it feels Divine Love again.

I am here to help you engage your will
practice authentic prayer
face your deepest fear
and reintegrate First Mother.

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All that I know is not what I was told, but what I absorbed in union with the field, the aether, the quintessence of our being. It is a forgotten, yet natural way of knowing.

None of this could occur until I met the Mother in my own body consciousness.

GoddessBrainstem by Zuzanna Vee

I have experienced a lifetime of mystical and transformational experiences, most of which I did not understand at the time. Aspects of my Soul manifested as “other” in many forms – through lucid dreams, out-of-body states, and with nature or nonhuman spirits that took me beyond the boundaries of the known world. Then,

Koyopa (Kundalini) released the Light, the Gold within.
And more of my Self or Soul came home. I experienced an embodied view of ALL. What I once perceived as “other” was now the I AM Presence in me.

Today I share with you my direct experience of these expanded states,
and what I have integrated about the marriage of Divine First Mother-Father,
the language of resonance, embodied prayer and dialogue,
and more of humanity’s original design.

Our body and emotions have always held the key.

The Divine Spark, the Goddess, the Kingdom, lies at the core of every human being. Pure Grace is held in Presence here. If you choose to unlock it, all that is required is your attention and your will. I am here if you need me, but always know you were born with everything you need.

It is time to take the journey within.

Because what lies within will change you. It will change everything.
~ Eileen Meyer (EM)

Golden light. This is the natural tone of humanity. And this is what is present now. For those who turn inward, you may meet this Light now. Embrace it. Welcome it. Become it. For those who are still waiting and wondering when something will happen ‘out there’ that will change their hearts, their lives, and their world, [know that] the horizon is within. And this horizon is met by a pillar of light, the bridge between heaven and earth. This is what you intended to meet at this time, in this intersection, in this center point of the cross.

Transmissions, Sound of Gold Files: Caterpillar or Butterfly.112419