Since childhood, Eileen Meyer has experienced frequent contact with non-human intelligence that speaks through a resonance of sound and light. As a child, the language felt natural and easy to understand – before worldly conditioning had taken hold. Twenty years ago, after several full-body Koyopa (Kundalini) events, the bar was raised. There appeared to be a plan for her to not only consciously recall the whole of her childhood contact, but to be a voice for this Field of Intelligence that appeared to her as angels. Initially, she poured these visionary knowings into diary sketches, music, and poetic words. However, it took her years to integrate and interpret what felt like overwhelming multidimensional downloads, into a more structured, linear-language form.

Eileen has been recording hundreds of these ecstatic transmissions for 13 years now, as well as audio journals of her own real practice of the Presence and teachings. Because it was so different from what other spiritual teachers were bringing through, she stored them away and shared it with very few people. It was not easy to explain. There were no exciting personas, planets, and stories of ETs out there to make it more interesting to the mind. It was endogenous wisdom; sourced from a strong and loving Presence that permeated her mind, heart, body, and physical space – from the inside out. The intent was to guide her into healing the past, while adapting to the expansion of frequency to integrate and embody more of this Presence – the Loving Creative Force that we were birthed from, and is flowing like a cosmic river into our everyday lives. This, IT said, was a way for humanity to directly connect with our multidimensional consciousness again – beyond many of the mental constructs that have kept us distracted from actually connecting with it.

Eileen was encouraged to share the teachings with as many people as possible, as humanity’s freedom from limitation would arrive through an inner awakening and reorientation to our Infinite Essence. This Presence guides us through a unique, emotional-honesty approach that lands us squarely in the NOW – the doorway to communion with ALL. From her experience and correlation with the Maya teachings, she now refers to this experiential practice as Koyopa Meditation. Learn more about Eileen’s story here.